Worst of Craigslist, or Best of Craiglist? That is the question

As has been established Craigslist has its share of weirdos, but what about the guy that really just wants to “treat you right”? Well, guess what? He’s on Craigslist too. And the girl that sold you the dresser and left two ferrets in the drawer? She’s also on Craigslist. And the guy that loves Paul Simon and just wants to sing with a woman named Betty? You’ve guessed it. He’s on Craigslist too.

Well, if you’re sick of your husband/bf you need look no farther!
Presenting the return of the worst of Craigslist:

It is rare to find a human being who is spitting image of your favorite
childhood cartoon. Well, folks meet Johnny Bravo‘s human doppelganger!

However, Craigslist doesn’t just serve up gentlemen on steroids, Craigslist also has a multitude of individuals looking for some buds to smoke bud with.

I’m still not sure why people refer to marijuana as “420” as if they’re speaking more discreetly or in code? Doesn’t something cease to be code once it’s gone mainstream?

And with the help of
Best of Craiglist we found these Philly gems which really do speak for themselves:

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