Worst of Craigslist: Philly feet smellers, doms and ball kickers

Many of the men on Craigslist have an affinity for feet, and some will even pay you to let them fondle and sniff them. Fondling feet may sound strange, but perhaps what’s even odder to those of us who don’t have a foot fetish is the fact that “the stinkier, the better” seems to be their motto. In any case, foot fetishes don’t seem to be the only fetish peppering Philly’s Craigslist personals, “dominating males” seem to frequent Craigslist too.

Oh, and don’t forget the guy that like to kick other guys where it hurts and is looking for a buddy that would like to do the same.

If you’re willing to hit up this guy long gone are the days you shelled out twenty five bucks for a half-fast foot massage and pedicure. This guy will pay you to let him rub your feet.

This guy on the other hand won’t pay you, but he will worship you. Or rather, he’ll worship your feet and ignore you.

Do your feet deserve their own admirer? If you answered yes then really any of these three guys could be your guy. But, why not this one?

The sheer number of males looking to dominate women on this site has us wondering what a psychologist/scientist studying gender would have to say about this fetish. In any case, if being dominated is your thing then maybe one of these guys are for you.

In this 28 year old’s ad there are two lines in particular that look like they’d turn a lot of women off where he writes, “It is your job to be pleasing and my right to be pleased”. Well, isn’t that a mouthful?

Now, something about this ad while perhaps echoing the same sentiments of the three listed prior is just a tad creepier. We think it’s the combination of the online ad, the words “kidnapper” and “captive”, and the very serious, less furry/sexy looking handcuffs. What do you think?

This young gent definitely has his own idea of fun and it seems to be at other gents’ expense. However, if there are any women out there that enjoy this sport of kicking men in their privates then you may have found your teammate.

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