Worst of Craigslist: Philly likes feet

Some Philadelphians have taken to Craigslist in search of love, feet and a wingman. Will their searches prove to be fruitful? Who knows, but we thought we’d try to help them out (or at least two of them).

The recent obsession with hashtags is extremely annoying but this ad seems to warrant a “#manwithmagicalhandsandafootfetishproblems.”

Are you excited by startling people by inappropriately flashing your lady parts to unsuspecting individuals? Well, then this seem to be your man!

Since the start of How I Met Your Mother and the escapades of Barney Stinson, wingmen have been in high demand. Care to help a bro out?

More importantly, do you think he deserves them?

Upon perusing the Craigslist personals we found these two romantic hopefuls looking for their nerd in shining armor and thought we’d take our stab at matchmaking. So Mr. Nerd meets Ms. “Adorkable” (as she refers to herself). Who knows? Three years isn’t such a big age difference and you may hit it off!

This guy has come to Criagslist with a serious question; Is he ugly?

And ofcourse, a list of awful Craigslist ads just wouldn’t be complete without a request for some feet (or two).

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