Worst of Craigslist: ‘Platonic’ is never really platonic

When it comes to noting “the worst of Craiglist”, what we call that “the worst” is really “the best.”

However, that doesn’t mean Craiglist a safe space for the ignorant to navigate. Far from it. For the helpless, this week we present three helpful tips for navigating Craigslist ads:

1. More often than not those posting in the “platonic” category are not really posing platonic requests.

2. If you’re seeking someone to lick your feet silly, look no farther than any category under “personals”.

“Actually a real massage”, eh? Are you buying it?

It’s no secret, many an avid Craigslister love feet, and they are
absolutely entitled. But does it add a certain level of creepiness to
resort to paying someone so that you can lick their feet?

It seems we have evolved. Long gone are the days where the soul pressure
of asking a girl to prom rested on the guys’ shoulders alone. Romantic
comedies have recycled the scene over and over: boy asks girls out using
grand romantic gestures by surprising her in her garage with flowers or
playing a boom box outside her window.Well, these two girls seem to
have particular criteria for who they want to bring to prom and it seems
to boil down to paying his and her way and not being “troll looking”.
Good luck ladies!

Serious question ladies, has he charmed your pants off yet?

Now, this is a mouthful!

Apparently a lot of stoners are seeking fellow stoners to get stoned with.

In case your were seeking some male approval, this man assures you “it’s ok to be a slut”.

Willing to do “anything”, eh? Seems like a pretty dangerous remark to make on Craigslist.

It seems rap songs aren’t the only ones that “rant and rave” about the
notorious “apple bottom”. Are you jealous of this woman’s tush too?

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