Worst of Craigstlist: Wednesday August 17

The Philly ‘burbs are extra freaky today, a woman found roadkill (and posted about it) and a guy renting a room is trying to convince some poor bum that Kensington is the new NYC. Pretty tame, actually.

Can you be a little less specific?

I have to wonder if this is literal or metaphorical.

Damn, this is the worst pet EVER.

And when you’re finished, maybe you can teach little Atticus Milo Montgomery III how to pop a cap in a bull’s ass.

Pretty sure no one wants this found.

If this is the best part of your day, I don’t want to know … well, anything about you, really. Perv.

Who HASN’T wondered what would happen if Owen Wilson met Hemingway (answer: everyone but pretentious douchebags who like Woody Allen movies).

Oh, clueless slumlord, two diners and a coin laundry does not a New York make. (A room the size of a postage stamp? Now we may be getting somewhere).

I would love to be the guest of honor at a weave party.

This guy really loves legs.

Like, a lot.

Perhaps a hair salon would be a more appropriate place for this inquiry. Or hit up the weave party lady, she seems cool.

Your OVERLY ENTHUSIASTIC use of caps lock makes me DOUBT your DEVASTATING RESUME-WRITING SKILLS (coming soon to a theater near you).

I’m not sure what kind of crowd you’re running with if learning Mandarin makes you the “coolest guy among your friends.”

I never believed that modeling was tougher than it looked until I read this.

So, does it count as prostitution if she’s just “acting”?

Once again, is there really that much of a market for this?

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