Worst places to meet a potential mate

Many of Craigslist’s missed connections astound me. I mean, sometimes, there are reasons that you don’t approach someone in a certain place, be it a funeral or when they are with their spouses. Are these reasons really negated when you go on the computer and seek them out afterward? (Hint: The answer is NO).

Before I get into it, let me start off with this gem:

Because you wouldn’t want to bankrupt yourself with the high-priced ladies of the night that hang out at Front and Somerset.

Okay, back to the inappropriate meeting places.

Church: Not only are you in a house of God, but the guy has a wife. Plus, most religions preach against homosexuality, so you’re looking at a triple sin, here.

STD testing clinic: not a romantic place. And would make for the most awkward “how we met” story ever.

Your child’s preschool: Do I have to explain why this is creepy?

Okay, let’s make it any school you are too old to attend.

On Facebook: Because people think they know you from a 200-word profile. And are mean.

Strip club: never a good idea. Take it from me, you can’t turn a ho into a housewife (or husband, as it were).

Through the T.V.: Because she doesn’t know you exist, which makes your “connection” kind of imaginary. And makes you kind of a stalker.

The Franklin Institute: Those science nerds apparently can’t take a hint.

The Department of Public Welfare: Do you really want to start a relationship with that much baggage?

Math class at community college: Because apparently they don’t teach English skills there.

Although, apparently they don’t teach English skills in English class, either.

A parked van: warning bells go off on this one. Why was the guy just sitting in a van? Why does he even have a van? Haven’t you ever watched a Lifetime movie or the beginning of an episode of Law and Order?

Public transportation: People are just creepy.

In a booth at an adult theater at 2 in the morning: Need I say more?

On the internet: Because of guys like this.

On an unrelated note, will someone please help this guy?

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