Wrapping up Cancer Awareness Week

The American Cancer Society is continuing its quest for “a world with more birthdays” as National Minority Cancer Awareness Week came to a close last week.

The American Cancer Society has been taken critical steps to help reduce the impact of cancer on minorities by providing resources such as access to prevention and early detection. Highlights of the awareness week included information on what resources exist for free or low-cost cancer screenings, transportation, counseling groups and lodging.

“We encourage minority communities to join the American Cancer Society and make changes that will benefit them in the long run and save lives, including regularly scheduled screenings, eating healthy meals and exercising frequently,” Dr. Otis Brawley, chief medical officer of the American Cancer Society, stated.

The American Cancer Society has a force of over three million volunteers that are passionate about the fight against cancer and the research for a cure. They are the nation’s largest nongovernmental investor in cancer research and have contributed $3.4 billion.

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