Yes, you can sleep in a tent during the papal visit!

Yes, you can sleep in a tent during Pope Francis’ visit.

If Airbnb is too newfangled, and hotels too hoity-toity, there is a new option for visitors who want to see Pope Francis later this month: East Fairmount Park, located right next to the Strawberry Mansion section of the city.

Pilgrims can pay about $199 for the privilege of sleeping in a tent of the weekend of the papal visit.

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We’d call it camping, but open flames aren’t allowed — which means no campfires and no s’mores…. which isn’t camping.

Organizers from the World Meeting of Families floated the idea of allowing people to sleep in city parks back in July, saying that the expected 1.5 million-strong crowd has left them hunting for lodging options.

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The campground, called Francis Fields, is located near 33rd and Diamond – a two-mile walk to the Benjamin Franklin Parkway — and can hold 16,000 people.

In addition to the $199 charge for camping there are additional fees to park a car — $99 in a parking lot, $109 near the tent, bringing an RV will cost $999.

Showers cost $5.

And though there are no campfires available, organizers promise food vendors serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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