You have two more chances to see ‘Iphigenia at Aulis’ on the USS Olympia

You’ve probably been on a boat before but have you ever experienced a theatrical production on a ship? With Philadelphia Artists’ Collective (PAC), you can finally cross that item (that you never knew you had) off your bucket list. Their latest production “Iphigenia at Aulis” takes place on the USS Olympia in a partnership with the Independence Seaport Museum as apart of the 2017 Philadelphia Fringe Festival

“We love partnering with different spaces around the city and they seemed like a perfect fit for this play,” says show director and co-founding director of PAC, Dan Hodge. “ They have been incredible partners over the course of this process and have expressed a genuine interest in supporting us and connecting us with their base.”

If you’re looking for drama, this play has it all and don’t think because it was written by Euripides in 407 B.C. that you won’t be into it. “Iphigenia at Aulis” involves a nation about to go to war, a family that’s falling apart and an army that is unable to set sail unless its general sacrifices his daughter. Yikes!

“Iphigenia roots in deep questions of family and national identity,” adds Hodge.

And you won’t just be sitting on the ship and watching the play happen passively. “Iphigenia at Aulis” is an immersive experience.

“You have to walk through portions of the Officer’s chambers and into the far more Spartan regions of the vessel to engage with this work,” says Hodge.  “It is a world of steel and sparseness that informs the emotional brutality of this play beautifully.”

If you go:

“Iphigenia at Aulis”
Sept. 21 and Sept. 22
8 p.m., $20- $25
Independence Seaport Museum
211 S. Columbus Blvd.

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