Zach Ertz: Jordan Matthews is a bad basketball player

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Sam Bradford, Jordan Matthews and Zach Ertz all got together to play football and bond a few weeks ago at Bradford’s Oklahoma home.

They also played a lot of basketball.

“[Bradford], Jordan and I would be out shooting hoops in the back, and Jordan lost all the basketball shooting games,” Ertz told the media Tuesday when the Eagles opened their locker room following voluntary minicamp practice. “So make sure you guys write that because he thinks he’s a very good basketball player but he’s really not.”

While Matthews wasn’t around Tuesday to defend himself, Ertz said the two did have a lot to talk about during the midwest retreat, including their upcomingnuptials.

“We have talked about theweddings,” Ertz, who proposed to Team USA soccer starJulie Johnston recently,said.”It’s nice to have someone who is having the same experiences. I thought I knew somethingabout weddings but nowthat it’stime I see I knew nothing about what was going on.”

The trio, which will play a huge roll in the success of the Eagles’ offense nextfall, did play a lot of football too. And it was an experience that was worth wild for the tight end, who is painfully close to having a break-out season.

“It was a lot of fun to be out there,” he said.”I’ve never been to the midwest like that, Oklahoma and California are very different. It is very flat, it was like 50 mph wind out there but it was a great time to sit out there as friends and learn about each other. And I think the football part was amazing, we had three days to kind of sit there and throw routes, throw as many as we wanted to, we threw like 100 a day,Sam’s arm was probably tired by the end of the day.”

Ertz said that the ability to play at their own pace and break-down tendencies and preferences was a valuable asset during his visit. And he affirms that the more chemistry the Eagles can build, the more they will succeed on Sundays.

“You see a football team, the closer the teams are the better the teams are,” he said.

Matthews also enjoyed the visit as the three set up the week like a minicamp, spending time lifting weights and working out too.

He also enjoyed seeing Bradford’s house.

“His house is crazy, man,” Matthews told CSNPhilly. “He’s just got the Heisman [Trophy] like chillin,’ man. No case.”

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